What is worship180? Worship180 is a vision in my mind of what God wants worship to be. It is a threefold vision that, if handled correctly, touches each and every heart. It looks something like this:

Encounter the Savior

Worship is a lifestyle that comes from our love for God. Once we truly recognize what God has done for us and how the Gospel really affects our everyday lives, we can’t help but want to serve Him. We need this to be a recurring theme in our hearts and minds because life can get in the way and cloud our vision. Encountering the Savior is an everyday thing. It’s like a daily ‘redefinition’ of who God is in my life.

Enrich Your Community

When I speak about enriching your community, I’m mainly speaking about the people you worship with corporately. You will have a hard time doing something corporately that you don’t do individually. When you spend time encountering the Savior, you will have a better time sharing that experience with the people around you in your church. The time that you spend in worship with the Father will spill over into the time you spend with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Engage the World

Once we are encountering the Savior on a regular basis, and we are enjoying true worship with other believers, we have something that the world needs. When we are worshiping as a lifestyle, we will look different than those around us that aren’t doing the same thing. True worship will look interesting to people who aren’t experiencing it. You can at least start conversation that could lead to a relationship with someone that you could lead to Christ.

That is the vision for worship180. If these 3 things are happening in your heart, worship will look a lot different than you may have experienced before. The biggest difference is that it is less about us and more about God and others.

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