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Sunday, August 2

I had fun leading at First Free yesterday with my friend Dan. He brought me back to lead with him which was totally fun. We put a pretty good set together and it turned out quite well. It looked something like this…

Majestic-Lincoln Brewster- Great opener and it got people going.

Lord Reign in Me- Brenton Brown- This song was fun to do with the band. They got into it and we pulled it together really well.

The Stand-Hillsong- Dan really wanted to do this one and he wanted me to lead it. So we did it. And I lead it.

Knees to the Earth-Nathan and Christy Knockels- Can you ever really go wrong with Watermark?

Hungry- Great song for focus

God of This City-Passion- Good song to end the service on. Sent the people home feeling like they were empowered to reach the people around them in their world.

Sunday, July 26

Today I got to lead worship for Grace Community Church in St. Peters, MO. What an awesome time with a great church. I sang a solo with the choir in the first 2 services, and led the worship in the 3rd. This is the song set…

All Creatures of Our God and King- I came up with a version of this song that is sort of based on Crowder’s version, but there is an echo between the women and the men. Great way to include everyone in the service right from the start.

Mighty to Save- This song went well with the theme. There was a missionary speaking in the service today and it fit right in. “Everyone needs compassion, a love that’s never failing…”

Blessed Be Your Name- Can you really sing this song? That was the challenge I was hit with while picking this song and it was the challenge I gave to the people before we sang it. It really put the words of this song in perspective…

Your Grace is Enough- We did this and the previous song in the same key so we could tie them together at the end. It flowed really well from one to the other and the people really got into it.

The Wonderful Cross- Fit well after the sermon. Great way to close out the time.

Sunday, July 19

I was blessed with the opportunity to lead worship at West Hills Community Church. It is always fun to worship with family and friends. Eric and Laura Lee were out of town, and they asked me to fill in. This was an interesting set up because in the end it was just myself, a bassist named Andrew and a drummer named Jarret. So it was a smaller set up than normal, but it ended up being really good. Those kids are good musicians and are on their way to being great. Here was the list…

Everlasting God- Solid, solid song

Salvation is Here- I have made the executive decision that this is one of those songs that I will NOT do without guitars ever again. It doesn’t have the same feel without the electric leading out with that ever famous line at the beginning and throughout.

You Alone- The drummer played in 6 this time…

The Stand- Love it, love it, love it…

How Great is Our God- I actually started this off with the chorus to How Great Thou Art and went into the song from there. People seemed to respond to it that way. Worked out well after the sermon…

Sunday, July 12

This Sunday I was able to lead at Rockwood Baptist Church in Wildwood, MO. The pastor there is such a great man. I’m always happy to fill in there for my friend, Melissa. This was the first time I was able to sing with their band and praise singers. It was a good time. The song set looked something like this…

Sing to the King- I’m gaining an appreciation for this song that I didn’t have at first. It is a hybrid of some sorts in my mind of a song from earlier days of worship music and at the same time still have a feel of something new. I haven’t figured it out yet, maybe it will come to me soon…

Hosanna- This is a song that I like to do and was glad that I’ve been singing at different churches over the past few weeks and could do it more than once. “You are the God who saves us, worthy of ALL our praises.”

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)- Good song. I like it. People like it. Good chorus

Enough- I really like this song. What I’ve found lately is that people do this song a lot of different ways. I don’t know how we get so many different variations of the exact same song, but there are.

You Alone- This is one of my favorite songs, but it took an interesting twist when the drummer started playing it in 4 as opposed to 6. It was hard to recover from, but we found a way to make it work.

Sunday, June 28

Today was week 3 and my final week at E-Free. I can’t even begin to tell you how much God has been working through this time there. This was a perfect end to the time and the month. Good times, good times…

Marvelous Light- Good song and the high schoolers really got into it. Brought the whole group together

Your Grace is Enough- Changed the keys to both of these songs to A so they would flow together. I must say that it worked…

Jesus Paid It All- ‘Oh praise the One, who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead…’

Come Thou Fount- I have gotten a lot of mileage out of this arrangement that God has given me (check it out in the ‘In Action’ section)

Jesus Messiah- Good song, great words after the sermon

Enough- Found a cool way to tie these two songs together and I’ve loved doing these songs back to back. This tied the set up quite nicely.

Sunday, June 21

Today is Father’s Day and week 2 of what has turned into a 3 week stint at E Free. This was another good set that was video taped. I hope to get some of the video up in the ‘In Action’ section in the next couple weeks. Anyway, here’s the set…

Everlasting God-‘Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord…” What a great concept of gaining strength while we wait patiently for God to be God. Very eye opening for me

Holy is the Lord- I haven’t done this song in a while anywhere. Say what you want about it, but people love this song. It really worked in this spot. I’d do it again in this situation. Good breaks and played very solidly.

Glorious- Thanks Chris Tomlin for this song. It’s a good one. Thanks for letting Christy Knockels sing the second verse. We are all every grateful for that.

Mighty to Save- This is another song that has been done a lot and can fall into that “we do this song too much” category. But we took some time to set it up and let people really concentrate on it and it worked well. Also, big ups to Levi for the sick beat during the musical break. That kid is straight skill. Period.

From the Inside Out- I love this song. However, today I was fighting off a cold and so the low part barely came out.

Here I Am to Worship- Doing the version of the song as performed by Israel Houghton is always fun. It’s especially fun when you sing it for people who have never heard it done that way. Thanks Israel for your brain. I’m sure I’ll never fully understand it, but I keep trying.

Sunday, June 14

This week was an absolutely amazing time of worship with First Evangelical Free Church’s Quest service. We had an amazing time and the musicians I got to play with were just great. I’m excited for next week, but in the mean time, this is what we did this week.

O Praise Him- Love that song and did a good job of not trying to laugh about David Crowder singing it. It was good times.

Hosanna- Originally they thought we were doing Hillsong’s Hosanna, but this was Paul Baloche’s. It was a new song for them, but it went great. Loved it!

Indescribable- Sometimes this song gets overdone. It was really special. This group loves this song and it showed.

You Alone- “You alone are father, You alone are good, You alone are Savior, You alone are God” Enough said.

The Stand- Joel Houston is one of my favorite writers right now. This song is so special to me. What an awesome time to use this song right after the sermon. It flowed really well and was a beautiful time of worship to the Father.

How Great is Our God- Say what you want about this song, but it touches people at the core of who they are. God is great and taking time out to proclaim that is amazing.

Sunday, May 24

This week I decided to add a couple songs that were favorites during our time at G2G. With it being the next to last week, I thought that’s how I would treat my last few weeks there. Next week will be more of the same. I’ve learned some cool songs while attending this church. Mind you, not all of these songs were songs I didn’t know before I got there. Anyway, yesterday was an amazing service and I had no idea how this song set was going to work. God did, though. That’s what matters…

Arise- I love Paul Baloche and the simplicity that he brings to this genre of music. Very clean, very to the point. Great opener. I love this song

Oh How He Loves You and Me- This song got added during the sermon because the pastor was really pouring out his heart about how he doesn’t love enough and doesn’t take advantage of the love the God gives us. The words fit so perfectly with what was being said, I actually sent a text message to the guys in the sound booth to have them add it to the Easy Worship flow.

All Creatures of Our God and King- I love this hymn, even though I had a mind blank on part of the first verse and I’m still not sure what I said…

Amazing Love- …how can it be, that you my King would die for me…” That love theme was weaved in and we didn’t even know what the sermon was going to be about. God is good at this worship leading job…

Majesty- We used to do this song a lot because the people loved it. They still do I found out when we sang this song… “Your grace has found me just as I am, empty handed but alive in your hands…”

Praise Adonai- Started with Paul, ended with Paul. From the rising of the sun to the end of every day we should be praising the Almighty God. That’s the way we left the service…praising God.

Sunday, May 17

Things are winding down at Gateway to Grace and I just realized that TheWorshipCommunity.com Sunday Set List thing was from people’s blog pages and stuff. I’ve always talked about doing one of these and never have. I guess I’ll start now, huh?

Opener- Open the Eyes of My Heart

Worship Set

Come Thou Fount

We Fall Down

You Are the One

Holy is the Lord

  1. Steffanie Oltmans Said,

    I love “From the inside out” but it’s that low part that keeps me from doing it! I need to find a key that works it seems like no matter what key I put this song in the low part is still low :) Maybe it’s just a guy song…..

  2. worship180 Said,

    I think part of it is the fact that it is a boy song. If you keep raising it then it get RIDICULOUSLY high on the other end. When I encounter a song that I can’t sing, I always use it as an opportunity to train one of my singers to lead out.

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