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My name is Harry Walls, IV. I am a husband and father. My wife, Eva and I have been married since August 9, 2002. I have 2 beautiful daughters. Kahmylia, the oldest, was born in October 2003. Brisa, my baby girl was born in December 2004. We currently live in St. Louis, MO where we have lived since 2004. My son, Harry Ernest Walls, V, or Quint, was added to the crew on September 2, 2010.  We added a fourth and equally amazing son, Xavier Adrian Emmanuel Walls, in December 2015.

I am the son of a pastor and an amazing homemaker. I don’t think good homemakers get enough credit, so I’m giving my mother the credit she is due right now. My father worked for 17 years at Anheuser-Busch before he felt like God was calling him to full time ministry at Christian Fellowship Baptist Church. At that point, he walked away from it all in a huge step of faith and God has not let him down yet. That is my inspiration to do what I do everyday. Knwoing that God will take care of me and my family because he has done all before.

I am a graduate of Missouri Baptist University. I have a B.S. Dual Degree in Worship Arts and Religious Education with an emphasis in Biblical Counseling. That’s a whole lot to say, I know, but that’s what I studied. I got that degree in my second stint in school after getting married, having kids and taking 5 years off. While at MoBap, I sang in a group called SpiritWing, an amazing group that traveled around ministering to churches through song. That was an awesome experience that I will never forget. Graduating from college was quite a life accomplishment for me for which I am proud.

I am a worship leader. God has placed that gift inside of me and I cherish it every day I wake up. I started playing the piano at age 3 and I started singing shortly after that. Over the course of my life, I have played for many people and led in many churches. I have been part of groups who have sang for former presidents and religious leaders. However, none of that is as important as what I get to do week in and week out…lead people to the foot of the cross. Worship for me is all about leading people to the place where they are face to face with Jesus and the gospel. That’s what I love to do.

This blog site is a collection of my thoughts. Read them, think about them and let me know what you come up with. I love interaction about these thoughts. I hope that you read something that touches your heart. If something does touch your heart, please share it with me and anyone else who might read this. People have the ability to encourage one another, we just have to take the opportunities to do it. This is one of those opportunities…





  1. Alan Eason Said,

    Hi Harry!

    I am Alan Eason, Internet Director for Prison Fellowship Ministries. I found your Twitter account and your blog – great blog! – through a Tweet you made about playing for Chuck Colson.

    Just want to let you know you are much appreciated and am praying for you as God uses your life. A request I have – I see you are VERY good at Social Networking and I am looking for volunteers out there who can help us in the virtual world on the Social Networking scene – on behalf of Prison fellowship, Angel Tree, Breakpoint etc.. I am trying to raise up a core of volunteers. Would you be interested in helping some in your spare time?

    My email addy is Alan_Eason@pfm.org. God Bless!

  2. Sarah Marie Long Said,

    I love the new look of your blog. Way cool and hip, just like you. :-)
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. worship180 Said,

    Thanks, Sarah! The Theme had just come out and I liked it so I decided to go with it. Glad you like it. It’s worth keeping it if you like it…

  4. Steve Millikan Said,

    Glad I found you and your blog on the interwebs. I like connecting with real people, and that’s what I think I’ve been blessed to find.

  5. worship180 Said,

    I like connecting with people like that as well. I think that’s the beauty of the internet. Google+ is really a cool thing for that even better than Facebook. I’m thinking about putting together a worship leader hangout with some other worship leaders that I’ve met on here. Would you be interested?

  6. Christopher Owens Said,

    Hi Harry!
    I am praying for your family and ministry. Found your site as I was trying to get different ideas of what songs other ministers are using. I am the worship minister for Harvest Oaks Church in Allen TX. Thanks so much for sharing and allowing God to use you. I will be responding with some of my set list on the Sundays that you post as I remember. Maybe you can give me some ideas also (books, dvd’s, anything helpful). I am going on three years with Harvest Oaks and looking for stuff to keep growing in His ministry.
    Thanks and have a great week!

  7. worship180 Said,

    Glad you found the site! I’m always willing to share ideas with other worship leaders. Hey, I’m always looking for ideas from other worship leaders. Shoot me an email at harry.walls4@gmail.com and lets talk.

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