As I sit here snacking on my favorite chip and thinking about how many more reps that will mean at the gym later, I wonder if I’ll be able to say “enough is enough”. For the record, I put them away…

Is there a such thing as too much of a good thing? Is there ever a time within the construct of the way we currently do church where we say, “that’s enough of that”? I think about videos like the ever popular “Contempervant” where a church sort of made fun of themselves for the way we can over produce Sunday morning. We look at that video and laugh, but do we ever look at that video and go, “maybe we are trying to do too much”? Listen, I don’t have a problem with lights and production. I love the theatre, I love concerts. I love when a plan comes together. I wonder if we work so much toward the production side that we don’t allow as much room for the freedom of the Spirit. In my own church a couple weeks ago, on a spur of the moment based on what was happening I was asked to come back up and do a song. In short, I chose to do a song we had already done that morning and was surprised to see the difficulty in which some of our production wasn’t able to roll with the punch. Immediately I felt like too much was going on if we couldn’t simply reach back to something we had already done 40 minutes previous.

Ultimately, it should be our job to tell the story of the Gospel. There can never be too much of the Gospel. After that, anything can be adjusted. If we allow these things to overshadow the beauty of Christ in our Sunday morning gatherings, we are getting in the way. Someone is there that may have never heard this story. Someone is there struggling with what they really believe about that story. So it’s our job to tell the story the best that we can without other things getting in the way. How are we doing with that in our churches? Today I’m speaking from a technological standpoint. There are other ways that we get in the way of the story. I’ll be talking about these over the course of the week. Are there any that come to mind right off the bat for you?

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