Simply put, worship is an outflow of the heart. You already know that. Or maybe you don’t. But that’s the simple truth. You worship what’s closest to your heart. If you are struggling with the depth or lack thereof in your worship experience, that might be where you want to start your search for change. Now that I’m off that soapbox…

As a baseball fan, I love watching a game on TV and they show a family in the stands and they have a little baby with a onesie on that says “my first (insert favorite team here) game”. Usually, if a family is willing to spend the money on that little outfit for that baby, they are fans. It means that child is going to grow up loving that team because that family is investing time and money in teaching that baby to love that team. I have done the same thing. My children have all had Cardinals hats and blankets and bibs and anything else you can think of. I can’t wait to buy them their first jerseys. It’s fun to have someone to root for. It’s a bold statement now that I live in the San Francisco Bay Area to go see the Cardinals when they come into town dressed head to toe in the red and white. As you would expect, I get mixed reviews and responses.┬áIt’s something we have come to expect.

Last night something awesome happened. I was preparing for this upcoming Sunday with a bunch of the kids that do drama at our church. I realized that we have some awesome worship leaders in the making and it’s exciting. As I watched them I saw that they were all children who had families that consisted of people who were leading somewhere within our church. These children are in a pipeline of leaders. At some point in their lives, they have spent time in the midst of people who are leaders. People are are showing them the importance of leading others. And it shows. And I’m excited for what these kids can and will do for the Kingdom long after no one wants to listen to me. It’s gonna be pretty cool.

What are you training your children to worship? Who are you training your children to worship? If you aren’t sure, give it some time. You’ll find out.

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