So, I want to start out by saying this post, even more than normal, will be me thinking out loud and a little more on the fly. I usually write down my thoughts and organize them a little before I write, but I haven’t done that as much with this one. I’m working on a pretty big project that started out as one thing, but continues to point back to this subject. I am totally okay with that. Anyway…


I am continuing to sense, based on the things I read and the conversations I have, that we are at the beginning of a pretty big shift in worship and even greater, the Church. One of the big things that is pushing this shift is worship. But it’s pushing in a different way than it has in the past. While I believe there is still a place for full bands, lights and technology, I believe that there is also a cry for simplicity. Whenever there is a call for something to be simplified, there has to be some evaluation of what we are stripping away and what is going to be left. “When the music fades, and all is stripped away, and I simply come…” That song has been ringing true in my heart again like it just came out last week and isn’t over 15 years old (WHOA!!). The chorus rings out so loud because it truly should be all about Christ. And if our worship should be all about Christ, then it should be all about leading people into an authentic encounter with Him. Worship is and should be more than just a weekly experience. It should be a penetrable force throughout our entire lives. That sort of change in thought process takes some time to develop. It means studying and prayer and letting others speak into our lives. It means running repeatedly to the foot of the cross and letting it be the barometer for what should and shouldn’t be in our lives. The more I wrestle with this seemingly overwhelming truth, I am thankful and floored by the opportunity I get to play in this process.

What does this look like for the church? How can the worship experience play a role in discipleship? How can Sunday morning enhance the process? Do you believe that there have been times that it has hindered the process? These are questions that I am asking, not because I have the answers, but because I am trying to answer them myself. I would love to hear some of your thoughts.

  1. April Said,

    Oh Lord ….worship ….what do You want it to look like Lord …how do You want us to come to You, gathered together, in worship. Father I believe that it is a Spirit led thing God …that if just come together in a Spirit of worship, Your oh Lord will guide us in it. If we just come and create the space for You to lead us in worship, You will. We must create the space, it can’t be rushed or cut short but rather flexible …without knowing the end until it comes. But what about time constraints we may ask …God You are the keeper of time and if we just follow You, we can rest in knowing that you will work out the very details …even in our worship as a church. God as Harry is seeking and listening and willing to follow You in how You want to lead Your church in worship, open his eyes to see, his ears to hear and him mind to know …steady his feet and give him security in You as You God are calling him out upon the waters ….of worship. We trust You oh Lord and we love you. In the sweetest Name of Jesus, amen.

  2. Glen Smith Said,

    Saw this post on FB and it caught my attention and got me to thinking. You know I’ve been involved with a number of churches over the years with varying levels of technology. As a musician who’s followed any number of worship leaders through a service over the years, I’m impressed by how formulaic it can be in the Contemporary Christian setting. I’ve also noted that theatrical element of a service can be distracting for the people on the podium. Where does the Preacher and Worship Leader go to worship? After some thought, I would turn your question around. How does discipleship impact worship? We are “Followers of Christ.” How did Jesus worship? Let’s do that!

  3. worship180 Said,

    Glen, that is exactly what I’m getting at. Discipleship should impact worship. If we aren’t teaching and training and walking alongside people, they are missing out on some very important truth. Worship should be an outflow of who we already are.

    What’s funny about the formulaic approach to the contemporary Christian setting is that they will scoff at the idea of liturgy, when that’s exactly what it is. Just because the music is louder and there are lights doesn’t take away from that fact. It speaks more to a misunderstanding of what liturgy really is.

    Your question about where does the Pastor and Worship Leader go to worship is such an important one. We spend so much time preparing to lead others that we don’t always do a good job of being fed. For myself I know that I spend time listening to other sermons and watching other churches on their live streams. Even more, whenever I can get away and let someone else lead while I follow is the best. It’s important not only to get a break, but it opens my eyes to things that I may be missing in sharing with my own people. Discipleship also means always learning. Once we get to that point where we feel like we’ve learned a sufficient amount, we’re toast.

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