Sure, this a title that is more for the beginning of the New Year, but I was busy having a newborn in my house and recuperating from Christmas hours at work. So here I am now. A lot has happened in the past few weeks, and I won’t even try to catch you up on all of that. But we do have a new baby who is just the cutest thing ever. If you aren’t a follower on any of my social media sites, his name is Xavier and we love him dearly. He’s 5 weeks old now and is such a joy for our entire family.

Onto this topic of starting fresh…

Here at Bridges Community Church we just started a year of renewal. As part of the pastoral staff I have been thinking about this long before the year started. It’s such an easy time to think about this as a new year starts. People join the gym like crazy, but generally have already fizzled out by now, which is the case at the gym I attend. There are all of these things that we try to do to give ourselves a fresh start, a renewal, a rebirth. I am no different. This year, however, I’ve been trying to focus more internally. Sure, I want to see external changes in my life. Who doesn’t want to look better than they currently do when they look in the mirror? But it’s about way more than that. I know that I have some severe heart issues that need to be dealt with pronto. I know that the Lord has to be the one to help me get to the root of them.

I’m excited about digging in and working on myself. I’m convinced it will help me get better and doing what I love to do: helping others. I didn’t have anything particularly awesome or life changing to say today, but I wanted to write so you know that I was alive and was still committed to worship as a lifestyle and writing about it. So, 28 days late, Happy New Year!

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