This holiday season always brings mixed feelings among people. There are people who just can’t wait for the Christmas season. The sounds, the smells, the music and just the overall idea just makes them happy. Some are happiest when the season ends and would be most happy if it never started. They don’t like the commercialization or the idea of having to spend all that time in the stores dealing with people and fighting for the last gift on the shelf. Some people can look to particular moments, good or bad, in their lives and it sparks a huge range of emotions for them. I have a daughter who has a birthday the day after Christmas, and so we have to work hard to not let all the build up to the 25th just deflate the next day because we don’t want her to feel like she’s less important that all of the other holiday stuff that has piled up on our schedules up to that day.

So many things are floating around now, assaulting our senses as we prepare for this one super gift giving day where our materialism is in full swing. For those of us that love this time, we are in our element. We are purchasing gifts, some of us are already done. We’ve carefully looked for deals and found everything that we were searching for. For those of us that despise this time, we are trying to convince the rest of the world that their futile attempts at happiness will fade really quickly when that child breaks that new toy before the year ends. The funny thing is, neither of these represent true joy. It’s quite easy to see why the second person is not experiencing joy in the season, but look closely at the first person and you’ll also see someone who is in the midst of a temporary happiness, one that usually is tempered by January credit card statements.

What does this relentless joy look like? I believe relentless joy is something that can’t be contained in a particular moment or season. Relentless joy is something that is sewn to your heart strings and then glued in place. It is something that no one can take from you and you have no other choice but to talk about whenever you can. Right now, we are in any day mode with our fourth child.Right now if I talk to someone pretty much anywhere, chances are there’s going to be some mention of the hope and expectation of our new arrival. There are things in your life that spark that joy in your life that you just have to talk about because that’s where your heart is. For the followers of Christ, our relentless joy -especially during this season- should be about the King that was born to save this world. No matter if you love decorating the tree or you would rather tear down all the decorations in whatever store you walk into, your joy should lie firmly in the fact that Jesus is coming. And that relentless joy should still be around long after that sweater you get doesn’t fit anymore.

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