I know it has been awhile since I’ve posted, but I’ve been busy. Without going into too much detail right now, I’m wrapping up the recording of this music for our Good Friday program so we can have it for rehearsal this weekend. I wanted to take a break from that and write about this show I went to last night.

I was blessed with an opportunity to go see Jesus Culture last night at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco. The Tech Director here at the church ended up with an extra ticket and let me tag along with him. First of all, the Warfield is a gorgeous venue if you’ve never been there before. Such history and the design on the inside reminded me of the Fox Theatre in Saint Louis, but not as big or gorgeous (sorry, I’m biased). Anyway, we had great seats at the first row of the loge section. We could sit if we wanted to with no worries of anyone standing in front of us. But let’s face it, no one sits at a Jesus Culture concert.

First was Derek Johns0n. I’ve been listening to some of his stuff recently and have been impressed. The impressiveness continued during his set. With an acoustic, an electric, and a set up that included a kick drum, a tambourine on a stand and a shaker, they completely rocked the house. His voice is solid singing high or low. His love for God and his love for leading worship was so evident even in that big room. He made it look effortless. As a worship leader I’m always looking to see how other worship leaders manage a situation and connect with the room they are in. You could have closed your eyes and thought you were in a church. It was that awesome. They absolutely killed “One Thing Remains”. You’re used to hearing that song done with a wall of sound, except for on the Bethel Loft Sessions CD. But this was just perfect.

After he was done they went to a video of Kim Walker-Smith sharing her heart for this project and sort of her vision for the concert. It was awesome to hear that done and the video was pretty cool. I know it’s hard to recreate that sentiment night in and night out, but it would have been cool to have her share some of that live on the stage. Again, I totally understand and was actually impressed with the use of video. The band came out and started in with “Alive” from the new “Still Believe” CD. THAT was a wall of sound. Even with all of the sound they were producing, they were really only hitting about 110db in the room (yes I checked. What do you expect?). Anyway, the worship was steady and it was solid. As much as it was a performance, it was that much if not more a worship experience. Each and every song was just a vehicle and opportunity to fill that room with praise. I wonder if the people at the strip club that’s connected to the Warfield could hear us. It was crazy loud in there. When they got to the title track of the CD, you could easily see why she named the CD after this song. The passion in which that song was written and sung was far and above everything else. The words of the chorus are simple, but powerful. In a world where everything is changing and people are choosing their own ways like never before, we need to keep in mind that God is still God.


And I still believe you’re the same yesterday, today and forever

And I still believe your blood is sufficient for me

If you haven’t heard this song, go check it out. It’s worth it.

Now you can’t go to a Jesus Culture concert where Kim is on the stage without a couple things. 1, you’ll get your money’s worth with EVERY song. They won’t end a song until they feel is exactly time to let it go. I appreciated this way more in concert form than on a CD. You don’t quite get the same feel listening to it in your car. 2, you’re going to get the Kim Walker-Smith laugh. Outside of her heart for worship and the lyrics and music she so intricately weaves together, this is one of my favorite things about her. I counted 4 times, but I could have been off. She ended up cutting the set short because she ran out of voice. Then she told us why. I won’t spoil her secret just in case someone reads this that is planning to go to one of their upcoming shows. Also, if this post finds its way to someone on their team then I don’t want to be the one who spilled before it was time.

Overall, great show. B+ for sure. It would have easily been an A had we not had to shut it down early. I will definitely go see them again when they come to town. If they are going to be close to you in the near future I would suggest you find yourself there.

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