In music theory, a deceptive cadence occurs when you come to the end of a phrase and when convention tells you the next chord should be one thing something else happens there. You were deceived into thinking that you knew what was coming next. It happens a lot in music and when it does it is generally a dramatic difference.

The same thing happens in our lives all the time. Things are running along smoothly and we do pretty well at knowing what’s going on. Our analysis of a certain situation may be spot on. But then something happens. You get a phone call that reports a tragedy. You walk out of the office to see that your car isn’t where you parked it. You come home to an envelope that has papers that you didn’t want to see. Your child learns one of those painful lessons of teenage heartbreak. Something happens and it rocks your world and takes you somewhere you weren’t expecting to go.

Generally, a deceptive cadence will double back and repeat a portion of the section before en route to ending a song. It also has the ability to take you somewhere completely different and into a new section. We can’t really know what lies ahead around the next corner. We can only know what’s right in front of us. That’s why these types of cadences work. Sometimes they will cause a complete shift in your life. However, sometimes they will just simply lead you in a new direction, a direction you may not have seen before. Don’t be afraid of that direction because there may be something there for you that you may have never noticed.

God is the master conductor who is orchestrating our lives. We may think we know exactly what’s going on and how things are going to work out when change occurs and we aren’t sure how to handle it. It isn’t our job to know. It’s our job to pay attention to the conductor and make sure that we don’t miss our entrance to play. The cadence may be deceptive at first and catch you off guard, but in the end it’s all a part of His song. And we already know how that one ends.

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